10 Reasons why you should use an explainer animation videos

10 Reasons why you should use an explainer animation videos

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20 years ago, if you said cartoons were for kids, nobody would’ve argued with you. But things have changed.
Nowadays, they’re not only extremely popular amongst all age groups, but are also used by some of the largest organizations in the world to explain complex issues.
So why are they so popular?
Cause we’re all kids at heart! I know I certainly am!
This is the reason we enjoy watching these 2D or 3D characters or objects moving, talking, or skipping across our smartphone or PC screens.
So, what are the benefits of this creative fun style for your company? Here’s 10.
1 Increase Conversion Rates
2Clarify the Objective of Your Product
3 Generate Increased Interest
4 Rank Better in Google Search
5 Increase Web Traffic
6 Help Your Audience Retain Information
7 Liven Up Your Pitch with a Sense of Humor
8 Grab Audience Attention
9 Easily Shareable
10 Showcase Your Personality

2D Animation


As a person who’s been in the video business for more than 10 years, explainer animations are my favorite. And the best thing about it is that they can be made for any company with any budget.
Add to that these really awesome stats and you’re good to go:
Video on Demand (vod) by consumers is expected to grow double by 2019 (Cisco)
Half of advertisers have reallocated their budget from TV to digital video. (AOL)
By 2019, 80 percent of consumer internet activity will be watching videos. (Cisco)

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