What are the best business video styles?

best business video styles

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What are the best business video styles?

While so many resources and time are committed to advertising products and services through various forms of marketing, it only takes a brilliant video marketing strategy to do the trick. There are many business video styles out there coming up to fulfill the demand by so many start-ups. As a result, you might get a video version of a writer’s block when deciding on what kind of video to create.

To help you brainstorm, here is a list of some of the best business video styles based on common business objectives.

  1. Webinar: It is more like a seminar that takes place online with people present to air their views and leave their comments mostly used in the science and technology departments to give awareness.
  2. Product videos: this is one of the most modern business video styles in the market. It is important to successfully launch a new, rebranded or repackaged product either physically or digitally. Mostly used in manufacturing and processing industries.
  3. Video Testimonials: Just like the name says, such a video type is meant to act as a social proof on a product or service in any industries. It has also been very instrumental in creating awareness for social campaigns.
  4. Launch series: A lot of products that you have seen disrupting the market in whichever industry were marketed through such a video. Mostly used by start-ups in the technology and betting industries.
  5. Animation videos: This is one of the best business video styles gaining momentum which sadly until recently, was only accessible to few people. Despite that, it has earned a reputation of providing your target audience with decoded and clear message about a product or service.

If you are looking for a one stop generic video shop for all these styles, Comelite Design Studio commonly known as CDS is the best option. We specialize in your business objectives by tailoring the choices of the video styles we offer to fit your needs. Here are some of the best business video styles we specialize in:

  • Explainer Video Production

Once a product is ready to be launched, an explainer video (CDS explainer video) acts as a manual on ‘how to’ use the product to get maximum benefits hence providing a solution by seeing the product in action. We create unique, authentic and comprehensive videos in line with the product.

  • Product Videos

Product videos (CDS product videos) are instrumental in connecting with your target audience to get them to understand why the product you are selling is important. Our aim is to make sure that a product tells a relevant story.

  • Branding video Production

Nowadays, business is just as important as the brand name. CDS understands that getting this concept right means coming up with a fascinating brand video (CDS Branding Videos) for a business to tell the story about the solutions provided visually.

  • Motion Graphics and Animations

Who doesn’t get captivated by a fun, animated advert?  We are experts at producing short live-action videos (CDS Animations videos) that bring your identity while at the same time communicate with the target audience

For inquiries, visit comelite.essorsolutions.net to get the best-customized business videos. Dream it! See it

One of our Branding videos: 




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