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02 Jul 2018
7 benefits of using video for medical education

7 benefits of using video for medical education

No widget added yet.7 benefits of using video for medical education Without doubt video can achieve a lot; for business in things such as marketing, product launches and for tasks such as promotions and reaching out, sharing thoughts and ideas, through social media campaigns and compelling calls to action. But the field of education, especially medical education is perhaps the one best suited to the very things that video is at its heart; engaging and informative… Medical education relies heavily […]

11 Jun 2018

Marketing medical devices

No widget added yet.Marketing medical devices, harnessing the power of video If marketing is your thing, then you probably know how important words such as compelling, informative, persuasive or entertaining can be to your campaigns. They might well be words you have given a lot of thought to in the past, in an effort to sell your product or idea to the wider world. Of course there a countless ways to market a thing, some work…while some end their lives […]

17 May 2018


No widget added yet.THE SIGNIFICANCE OF VIDEOS IN REAL ESTATE SALES AND MARKETING Are you a real estate agent? Would you wish to beat the competition and stand out of the crowd? If so, you have come to the right place indeed. We are a company that exists to assist persons of your caliber to market their real estate property better. Unlike most other firms of our kind, we adopt a completely unique approach to do this. We use videos, […]

04 Feb 2018
Advantages of Using Video for Your Event Organization

Advantages of Using Video for Your Event Organization

No widget added yet.Advantages of Using Video for Your Event Organization Every event organizer knows how challenging it can be to maintain all the attendees until the end of an event. Not to mention the high competition and arrival of new technology. In order to stay ahead in the industry, you have to create a memorable event without getting out of the budget. This is the main reason why people will keep referring their friends to your services. Amongst the […]

03 May 2018
Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan Kareem

No widget added yet.Ramadan Kareem Ramadan is the most sacred month of the year, and it is a time of spiritual growth and celebration throughout the Middle East. Throughout the month and the Eid festivities that follow, it is an amazing, joyous time enjoyed by all. With that in mind, and with the blessed month of Ramadan fast approaching, we wanted to take this opportunity to remind our valued customers and those who have shown an interest in our services […]

04 Feb 2018
Health On-the-Go!

Health On-The-Go!

No widget added yet.Health On-the-Go! Like any other startup, in any field, a healthcare startup needs to make all the necessary efforts to attract new customers, build a sense of trust and loyalty and convert target audience into customers. Effective branding and marketing techniques are thus very important to ensure all of the above mentioned results are achieved. As a healthcare company you need to be extra vigilant and sure about the content that you offer to your audience. Unlike […]

09 Apr 2017
Why do restaurants need video marketing

Why do restaurants need video marketing?

No widget added yet.Why do restaurants need video marketing? The restaurant and cafe industry sits right in the middle of three of the hottest trends in technology today: Social, mobile and local. “However, most companies today in the restaurant and cafe industry are doing a poor job with marketing, and are almost non-existent with doing video,” said Conrad. He said the reason for that is they continue to make the mistaken assumption that doing online video must be very cost-prohibitive. […]

25 Aug 2017
Ten reasons to hire CDS

Ten reasons to hire CDS!

No widget added yet.Ten reasons to hire CDS! Why choose Comelite Design Studio to create your video? Video production companies abound in all over the world, but not all companies are created equally, and neither is their work. As a small, methodically growing business, we create hand-crafted videos in collaboration with our customers. Our job is to ensure your message shines in a world of blistering efficiency. Need a Quote? Ten reasons to hire us: We are filmmakers at heart, […]

10 Apr 2018
Should you even bother with video marketing

Should you even bother with video marketing?

No widget added yet.Should you even bother with video marketing 64% people are this much more likely to buy from you if you have a video on your website! 1 good video is equivalent to 1.8 m words or 3600 webpages! (that’s a lot of reading) 50% of users take further action in some form if they watch a video on your website 4X as many leads from your website as the result of including video marketing (on average)   […]

07 Apr 2018
Video Marketing By The Numbers

Video Marketing By The Numbers-Infographic

No widget added yet.Video Marketing By The Numbers Not convinced video marketing is the way of the future. Here are a few statistics to help you understand exactly how popular video marketing has become in recent years, according to news shared by HubSpot: The video is projected to claim more than 80% of all web traffic by 2019. Adding a video to marketing emails can boost click-through rates by 200-300% Embedding videos on landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80% […]

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