Explainer Videos for Startups

Explainer Videos for Startups

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Explainer Videos for Startups

Advertising a startup business can be difficult, especially when you’re offer a new product or service. Not only are you trying to establish a new brand, but you have the assignment of explaining what you do and how it’s different from every other company. Oh, and did we mention that most people have short interest times? They probably aren’t going to sit down through an extended presentation or read a ten web page whitepaper.

So what can a startup video do? The answer is simple: you need an explainer video.

Short, Explanative, and To the Point

By now, you know what an explainer video is: a brief video (one to three minutes) that introduces customers to your company or product and explains what you do in an entertaining and compelling way.

An explainer video is not a commercial or an income pitch, even though they frequently include a name to action. It’s an intro designed to attract potential leads and later on convert them.

Explainer videos are sure to help increase conversions – in some cases by as much as eighty percent. Video engages customers; more than ninety percent of customers accept that video is helpful to choice-making, and sixty-four percent of users are much more likely to buy a product online after watching a video. Why video? Well, the video has a few advantages over different types of marketing.

  1. It is Brief

We already know that audiences have short interest time. Being stated, you might be surprised at how much information you can pack into a few seconds video. More importantly, the fast format forces you to focus on the key points. What’s your unique promoting position? What’s your value proposition? What problem(s) can you resolve?

  1. Videos Reveals Your Culture

As a new company, your audience does not have a sense of who you are yet. Through video, and your choice of images, track, characters, and script, you could easily provide a hint of your brand and your culture and help your target market get a better view of who you are.

  1. Video Simplifies Complex Topics

Once more, explainer videos force you to simplify complex. In case your startup provides something new and different, an explainer video will emphasize the key factors and focus on what is in it for the customer. When you make a quick explainer video, you can provide viewers with an inside look at a simple product that they might not otherwise see, and make it easier for them to understand what it is you have to do.

  1. Videos Improve Chances of Going Viral

If you want to improve your SEO results, an explainer video is the best way to go. YouTube ranks second in Google search results, and video typically is shared more frequently than other forms of media content. Through sharing your explainer video on social media, blog, YouTube, and other places, you can improve your reach and organic search traffic results – something you need as a startup.

Creating a Startup Explainer Video

When creating an explainer video to market your startup. The main difference is that this video is probably to be the first introduction that most people will have to your company. It’s vital that you pay focus attention to how it reflects your brand, mission, and values.

With that in thoughts, the real process of making a startup explainer video is not that hard, considering there are lots of tools like online animation makers or storyboard software to assist you. The toughest and arguably important part of the process is the improvement of the script.

Target on getting your message across, being entertaining, and giving customers what they need, and your explainer video can help take your startup to a whole new stage.

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