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Health On-the-Go!

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Health On-the-Go! Like any other startup, in any field, a healthcare startup needs to make all the necessary efforts to attract new customers, build a sense of trust and loyalty and convert target audience into customers. Effective branding and marketing techniques are thus very important to ensure all of the above mentioned results are achieved. As a healthcare company you need to be extra vigilant and sure about the content that you offer to your audience. Unlike a fashion startup you cannot rely on trends but need to rely on hard facts that make customers trust you and your knowledge.


Video marketing is known to be one of the most effective marketing tools when executed right. If you are a startup and planning to start video marketing for your healthcare products and services, here’s how to start:


First analyze your existing audience and make a list of relevant video topics that target your existing consumer base. This includes the general age bracket, demographic and most searched keywords relevant to healthcare.

Informative Content

As mentioned earlier, as a healthcare startup your videos need to be informative and based on facts. Depending on the results of your analysis think of the most effective and relevant information that you could offer through your videos. This could include tips for good health, a general informative video on health, prevention and cure information etc.

Repurpose Content

Dig all your existing marketing campaigns in the form of blogs, articles, research etc. and repurpose them into videos.

Evoke a sense of Need

As a healthcare company you need to be able to evoke a sense of need through your videos. You need your audience to feel that they need your information. This will build loyalty and more and more people will come back for more.


We can help you make the most engaging and effective informative videos to kick start your video marketing efforts. Whether you want it to be a 2D or 3D animation video or just a plain video with relevant information, our experts can help you produce the most effective videos that are sure to gather attention. We ensure that your message is well delivered and received by your target audience and the videos we produce have the power to hold the attention of your customers. As a healthcare company you understand the need for complete quality and we deliver nothing less than the very best!

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