How video marketing can help you revolutionize your brand & business

How video marketing can help you revolutionize your brand & business

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Nearly all of us are involved in at least one type of marketing to enhance our business opportunities and revenue. Marketing in any way for our brand(s), business(es) and even ourselves is considered absolutely crucial in this day and age when people are spending most of their minutes and hours online, and less in real-life relationships. It doesn’t matter if you are involved in smaller or large-scale projects continuing for months and years, marketing is a must for every single person involved in some kind of business. Business development relies extensively on marketing as such efforts place you on the map, if you will, and can even assist you in establishing your business from ground up.

Statistics in 2016 showed no marketing channel is as effective as video marketing, and this is a proven fact. If a picture is equivalent to a thousand words, each video minute has the value of 1.8 million words, meaning video marketing saves you more time and budget in comparison to any other marketing method or campaign even, such as written online ads or old-school written printed text or imagery. This truly makes one think.

Cisco, the world leader in IT, has recently predicted by the year 2019 around 80 percent of all traffic on the internet will consist of streaming video content. This is a whopping increase from 64 percent back in 2014. The simple conclusion here is if you miss the video marketing bandwagon, your competitors will most definitely not, leaving you completely missing out on the very important traffic everyone is thriving for.

Why video marketing?

The reasons are actually countless. Video marketing has the potential to be the ideal platform to showcase what you and your business have to offer. In 2016, it has become cheaper than ever before to produce a video clip for marketing purposes and there is no loss in experimenting with a trial video to see the marvelous end results for yourself. Moreover, individuals and businesses all enjoy more enhanced access to continuously advancing technology such as go pros, drones, cutting edge editing software and video marketing firms with high expertise.

Better in establishing contact

Appealing directly to your target audience is the opportunity provided through creating a video to present the goods and/or services provided by your business. In a written copy it is quite difficult to make contact with your potential consumers with the exact tone that you may be seeking. However, video marketing provides you a medium to produce visual criteria enabling you to talk directly with your intended demographic. Your video clip may use a communication style speaking specifically to a certain age demographic, or a video style appealing to a certain industry you may have in mind to target. This is a truly dynamic method providing possibly the best medium to communicate to your audience face-to-face, if you may.

Providing brand confidence

You have to take into consideration the fact that many consumers are usually skeptical about making large online purchases. Put yourself in their shoes; you would, too. This is usually seen in the 40+ age range, and this concept can be quite challenging if you intend to actually target this market. Above all, consumers are flooded with the names of around 5,000 messages each day involving different brands. Some may have second thoughts on who to trust, and they have the right to, and worse cases involve those who cannot even register amongst all the adverts found on the internet. Good news is available in this regard, as video marketing is capable of assisting in establishing this trust and stand out completely in this field. Video can provide the opportunity to introduce yourself as a legitimate and trustworthy company with real employees involved in selling quality products, and also offering service considered completely exceptional.

With video you are provided the opportunity to remain ahead of the game of all your competition. Making video bring results for you doesn’t depend on what industry you are involved in. Not at all. For example, Fluke Productions is a recording studio located in east London that has launched a YouTube channel dedicated to helping possible clients find the perfect studio that matches their needs. It might not seem as the best video production you have ever seen, but it does remain a very effective tool in raising awareness in their brand.

Further engagements

Any Twitter user knows the value of engagements. Each person have an average of five different social media accounts and actually dedicates as much as two hours each day browsing amongst these mediums. Today’s online users have a very limited attention span, as if there is a biological time limit. This means it is essential to keep your social media completely snappy and right to the point. When 60% of social media audience prefer to watch video rather than read content, why would you not place your precious time and energy developing video marketing criteria? You may not be getting anywhere in regards to engagement with social media posts based on written material. Imagine people scrolling their social media timelines. Rest assured photos and still images of video clips would catch their eyes much easier than plain text. If you are able to one day integrate and embed your marketing videos into these timelines, and even the text of social media posts, this will most definitely increase the web traffic to your desired destinations, and raise awareness regarding your company and brand name.

Final thoughts

To make it clear, you first have to set aside any idea of going viral. 2016 has introduced the right internet marketing tools to allow you to place your video before the right audience, instead of reaching “everyone” out there. Targeted marketing is the key and this concept will allow you to expand the reach of your business instead of just racking up likes and views that may never create any revenue. What counts is how many customers you actually absorb through these videos.



Paul McNeil is a tech/political analyst, writer & blogger. He blogs at The Huffington Post and TechMoralitics. He can be found on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter @mcneil_lfc.

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