Marketing medical devices

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Marketing medical devices, harnessing the power of video

If marketing is your thing, then you probably know how important words such as compelling, informative, persuasive or entertaining can be to your campaigns. They might well be words you have given a lot of thought to in the past, in an effort to sell your product or idea to the wider world.

Of course there a countless ways to market a thing, some work…while some end their lives filed away in the waste bin, we learn (if we’re smart) and we move on. Sooner or later a formula develops, and presto! We know what we are doing; we know what works for that particular thing…

That’s a broad generalisation of course, but you get the idea, marketing is all about tapping in to that precious part of people’s hearts and minds. The part that compels, informs, persuades and entertains. But what about marketing in an industry where the phrase ‘customer care’ takes on a whole new level of importance, and where the procurement of equipment, devices and apparatus is taken incredibly seriously?

The medical and healthcare industry…

The selling of medical devices can be a challenging task, not so much with smaller, less expensive or consumable supplies, but certainly with regards to larger devices and equipment, a significant outlay is often required. That can mean very hard work; reaching out to multiple stakeholders, showcasing your expertise and your ethos, explaining complex devices simply and above all; building the strongest relationships and gaining trust.

This is where the power of video really comes into its own…


Demonstrate technical expertise 

The pillar of the industry you supply is without doubt technical expertise, without it your clients couldn’t provide the services they do. They rely on the best; the most highly qualified knowledgeable staff, using the very best equipment and devices. They expect the same of their suppliers and through video; you can show that you know your field. Convey professionalism and knowledge in your product and the seeds of trust will be sown.


Reach multiple Stakeholders

Providing services or equipment to the healthcare industry invariable involves reaching out to, and guiding multiple stakeholders towards considerable investments. If you want to promote your (often sophisticated and costly) equipment, video empowers you in making your case to everyone involved in an engaging and easy to digest way that words and images cannot compete with.


Demonstrate your devices, show their value

Undoubtedly effective and powerfully engaging, but what happens if a device is simply too large or expensive to travel around with? Video allows you to physically demonstrate a device’s qualities and carefully address the most popular questions you might face. Show the impact and benefits it will have to patients, along with up to date product information, letting your audience engage with your product in a much easier, cost effective way.


Make the complex, less complex

Technical specifications, pricing, dimensions and how your equipment will impact upon the lives of patients all might be vital questions you are faced with from different stakeholders. Finding out exactly what matters to who is essential in the long sales cycles that are part and parcel of the healthcare industry. Making yourself available to address concerns and answer questions is also just as important, to engage and start building the relationships you need. Video has the adaptability and potential to start answering those questions from day one, in simple terms to set you on the road to a long and positive relationship with your client.

Video has another added benefit; the wide range of styles you can create, to suit your product or purpose. Explainer videos and tutorials, can carefully guide your audience whilst addressing frequently asked questions. You might wish to focus on showcasing your product, and the benefits it will have to people, and again video offers a level of engagement there that words and images might struggle to match, whilst a lighter animation style can convey complex information in a friendly and easy to digest way.

At Comelite Design Studio, we know what makes engaging, persuasive and compelling video, get in touch today and see for yourself.

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