Double-walled Thermal Honest Bottles

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Double-walled Thermal Honest Bottles

Video produced by Comelite Design Studio. Hardest part of this 3D video animation was the water splash. The bottles hold just about anything. So we had to work on each 3D graphic to add flashy image of the tea bottle, coffee, smoothies, infuse fruit water and plain water. A nicely wrapped-up promo video with high resolution graphic. Imagine if you’re going to be presenting an indoor/outdoor drinking product soon, how it will play all your time and efforts on a single video. 3D animated video like this will have your production distributed online at high range. Fine promotion tool for items that have great design technology but you want to keep the explanation about it short. Online video allows faster understanding of creations. Reasons to why someone will benefit from this thermal bottle is all part of the show.

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