iCare Women Counseling

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iCare Women Counseling

The topic’s women aid charity. It’s been produces to show the concept of depression and loneliness. We have combined text and figurative 2D drawings. The hardest part to animate was the scene the lady 2D jumps from the ladder into the sky. Then the Icare logo completes the video. If you watch closely the story being told is animated by means. Like when the lady slopes down the slide or gets knocked down with the passage change. Creative ideas to show words in animation, like sheltering have been used. You’ll see how the logo is combined into a house. While being hard to put in a video suit, the client wanted it in short timing. So there had to be tough thinking and fast actions. We managed it in 2 days, which was satisfying. The 2D style and typography technique helped illustrate the cause of this organization. It was a better option to avoid showing upsetting images. Color red turning into green and the lady icon climbing up the ladder instead of falling off highlighted the process of action by ICare.

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