Mohammed Kola Comelite Testimonial

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Mohammed Kola Comelite Testimonial

Hear from our happy client. Not just any client, he is a high level architect and is assigned for the SAK Consult http://www.sak-consult.com/ in Saudi Arabia. This was a phenomenon time and will remain part of our top achievements. Testimonial videos bring credit to a teams’ work and by satisfying our clients we are gaining more ability to keep on developing.
Transcript of the Testimonial Video:
My name is Architect Muhammad Kola, I am the director for business development for a major firm in Saudi Arabia.
A couple of years back we had taken the services of CDS Comelite Design Studio.We needed a SAK video presentation in English and Arabic the interesting thing was CDS made us feel very easy and comfortable during the whole process.
We had used their local crew for the camera shooting and they had exactly done the requirements as per our needs.
They had completed tasks very easily they had come to our offices with the whole camera crew for two days and done all the shooting we’re very impressed by it.
CDS has done a very professional job!
Fatia who had worked with me for three to six months has been an excellent team member and also had done the job very professionally we are very impressed with the team and I think the videos can be seen on YouTube both in English and Arabic and thank you once again we loved it CDS.

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