Part 1 – Introducing DocoSmart

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Part 1 – Introducing DocoSmart

The DocoSmart is intended to make medical procedures easy for the patient. So we made it appear easy to use too. By using simple medical animation of a doctor, hospital and other required icons such as the mobile phone patient’s health files. DocoSmart is part of the Dubai Expo 2020 so this video will allow everybody especially clinics and hospitals that are going to be switching to the program, understand what to do. This 2D animated video shows the patient and the doctor, step by step what their role of work is. This smart idea designed to be used my mobile phone users by Harrington Consultants (UK) is a new approach by the Dubai Health Authority. It has started to be used for those with chronic diseases like Diabetes, COPD, CVD, and hypertension. Public and private hospitals in the UK, Germany, Australia, China and Scandinavia have put it to the test.

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