Teepa LTD prototype 3D animation

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Teepa LTD prototype 3D animation

we did all the steps by ourselves, modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering and composed with voice-over, background music, and sound effect.
This video has been created for Teepa LTD which is a completely new experience in traveling. This suitcase has some special features.

We showed all the below features in the Teepa LTD prototype 3D animation:
The follow-me feature which allows the suitcase to go everywhere the user goes.
The user can switch the suitcase ON and OFF from the mobile app but the luggage switches OFF automatically in 60 secs.
The suitcase comes with a 10 Ah Li-ion battery with USB charging circuit and 2 USB power outputs to charge mobile phones or laptops, which is a plus for the user when short of the power supply.
The user can lock and unlock the luggage with the mobile app while it locks automatically when you are far from it, detected by the in-built proximity sensor.

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