How UPS Deliver to Customers

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How UPS Deliver to Customers

EIRAD is part of UPS delivery system in KSA. The video in 2D animated style helps it be fun and easy to follow. The narrator explains how this service works and how you can function it on your mobile or website. The best thing is you can track your parcel item. So we chose the suitable icons, signs and drawings to fit the story. One instant, when it’s telling about the time shifts, a clock is ticking in background. Another example is typing in the web address or creating the sound of a car stopping to make delivery. Ace of the job was designing the Arab characters that had to be approved by our Saudi client. This is not at all an easy thing to do. It had to be checked a couple of times but in the end turned out well. Both to fit the customs in KSA and to go with the video story animation.

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