Why do restaurants need video marketing?

Why do restaurants need video marketing

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Why do restaurants need video marketing?

The restaurant and cafe industry sits right in the middle of three of the hottest trends in technology today: Social, mobile and local. “However, most companies today in the restaurant and cafe industry are doing a poor job with marketing, and are almost non-existent with doing video,” said Conrad. He said the reason for that is they continue to make the mistaken assumption that doing online video must be very cost-prohibitive.

“Most small businesses in the restaurant and food service industry aren’t going to want to hire a professional company to do their video, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have lots of opportunities for low-cost video,” said Conrad. “You can do successful video online that engages with your customers by hiring Comelite Design Studio.

If your restaurant still does not have promotional video, do not waste your time and let’s start your video ad. How?

You as a restaurant manager or owner of the restaurant have a great advantage because you have a lot of possible scenarios for your video. CDS offers you the ability to segment your movies by content types: advertising video, culinary video, exclusive events at the restaurant, entertainment and more. We would like to share with you some of the ideas that you can use.

Exclusive events: CDS can Transfer the atmosphere of your restaurant during a special event such as wine tasting, Invite influential people from your community and create a short interview with the guests.

Guests testimony: Ask your regular guests to stand in front of our camera and say a few words about your restaurant, customers service, menu, staff and atmosphere. Offer them a free dessert as a sign of gratitude . We’re sure that would be certainly a good video.

Advertising: Get some already well-known brands that your chef use in the kitchen or well known beverage producers. For example, famous producers of healthy foods which you use to prepare delicious dishes. We provide promote domestic food ad-video. In this way you will get the attention of a wider audience and sympathy from your community.

Culinary tips: CDS Records a short video in which your chef reveals some of the secrets of the art of cooking. Recording tip for preparation of your best-selling dishes from the restaurant menu. Make it fun and interesting.

Meet the public with your staff. We can make the interview video with the most interesting and the most beautiful among your staff. Maybe they could share something from their private life. People like to stick their nose in other people’s privacy.

Video menu: we can shooting dishes from your restaurant menu and make it like that your each dish has its own story. While describing the dish use water mouth attributes. It would be the best if your guest talks about taste of their favorite dish in your restaurant. And if they are known to the public you are certainly reach the goal of good restaurant video marketing advertise.

Video greetings: CDS can take advantage of the holidays to make your greeting videos and use these events as opportunity to thank to your regular guests for their loyalty. Send the video via e-mail to your loyal customers and share it via social media.

We can also use holidays to shoot the video where some of your staff giving tips for different kind of holidays decorations for dining table or the place.

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