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02 Jul 2018
7 benefits of using video for medical education

7 benefits of using video for medical education

No widget added yet.7 benefits of using video for medical education Without doubt video can achieve a lot; for business in things such as marketing, product launches and for tasks such as promotions and reaching out, sharing thoughts and ideas, through social media campaigns and compelling calls to action. But the field of education, especially medical education is perhaps the one best suited to the very things that video is at its heart; engaging and informative… Medical education relies heavily […]

11 Jun 2018

Marketing medical devices

No widget added yet.Marketing medical devices, harnessing the power of video If marketing is your thing, then you probably know how important words such as compelling, informative, persuasive or entertaining can be to your campaigns. They might well be words you have given a lot of thought to in the past, in an effort to sell your product or idea to the wider world. Of course there a countless ways to market a thing, some work…while some end their lives […]

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