Ten reasons to hire CDS!

Ten reasons to hire CDS

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Ten reasons to hire CDS!

Why choose Comelite Design Studio to create your video?
Video production companies abound in all over the world, but not all companies are created equally, and neither is their work. As a small, methodically growing business, we create hand-crafted videos in collaboration with our customers. Our job is to ensure your message shines in a world of blistering efficiency. Need a Quote?

Ten reasons to hire us:
We are filmmakers at heart, which means we are attentive to every detail of the production process.

We have a fast turnaround time: sometimes within a week.

We are able to maximize any budget and do more with less.

We continuously upgrade our video and camera equipment to keep ahead of industry standards.

We listen to your story like we listen to grandpa’s fireside tales: attentive to every word

We have flexible payment options to fit your timelines and budgets.

We are sculptors of light, alterers of time and honors of sound: all to your liking.

We are organized, personable, and respectful of your time.

If you don’t, THIS guy will come after you!

CDS is a full-service video production company. We started out making short, experimental video (and we continue to do so) but along the way, we discovered that video is a powerful medium to quickly and creatively convey information to a captive audience. Storytelling is a huge aspect of who we are as people, it started with cave paintings in Lascaux France, and now the tradition carries on via the wireless, digital signals of streaming videos on the internet; let’s just say we have come a long way!

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      We’re glad to work with you if you need any style of video for your business.

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