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Are you a real estate agent? Would you wish to beat the competition and stand out of the crowd? If so, you have come to the right place indeed. We are a company that exists to assist persons of your caliber to market their real estate property better.

Unlike most other firms of our kind, we adopt a completely unique approach to do this. We use videos, rather than the traditional means of communication to sell products to would-be clients.

Videos are rarely used. However, as you shall see in the subsequent discussions, they could be what you have been looking for all along. They have some unique advantages that are exclusive to themselves and which have also been proven to work wonders. Listed and explained below are some of those.


Competitive Edge

Perhaps the most outstanding benefit you stand to accrue is a competitive edge over and above your peers in the field of real estate. This is because not many agents are doing it well. Moreover, fewer realtors have embraced the approach as things stand. This means you stand to set yourself apart from the others. The opportunity is huge for you to differentiate yourself apart from the others who are engaged in the sale of real estate properties.

Personalized Approach

Unlike the traditional means of communication and advertising, video allows you to connect with clients and leads on a more personal level. This stems mainly from the fact that the signals are relayed to the would-be clients individually rather than by the use of broadcasting equipment as is the case with other forms of advertising. This personalized approach instills a sense of worth, care, and appreciation to the clients concerned.

Higher Conversion Rates

Studies upon studies have deduced almost without exception that video adverts derive higher conversion rates than alternative means of communication. As a matter of fact, 58% of buyers have been noted to want and expect to see the videos of a home they’re looking at online. By using videos, you will convert most of your target audience to clients and in so doing accrue greater revenue inflows.

Greater Clarity

Buying a home is no mean feat. It is an expensive venture and in most instances is carried out once in a lifetime. A would-be buyer will therefore normally want to have a clearer picture of what he is just about to get into before parting with his money. Videos enable such persons to clearly see what exactly they are about to purchase. This allows them to arrive at a more informed decision than they would under ordinary circumstances.

Improves Trust

Real estate firms or companies that use videos to market their property are generally deemed to be trustworthy. The use of videos instills a sense of trust, credibility, and seriousness on the part of the real estate company concerned. This leads to the stable market base, greater revenue inflows, and a larger market share. It is therefore in the best interest of whichever company concerned to leverage its potential.


Below are some of the videos we have on offer. Underneath each product description is a URL of a sample of the said videos or product. You may click to watch to gain a rough insight on what to expect from us.

3D Animations

They are an improvement of the 2D animations discussed above. Over and above merely displaying motion, the 3D animations can also be rotated and moved around like real objects do. They are mainly used to create the virtual tours of homes, compounds, and other structures that constitute real estate. You will find them handy in pushing for the sale of a piece of property.


Promotional Videos

To really make your real estate product sellable to a would-be buyer, you have to use great promotional tools and language. This is the role that promotional videos are designed to play. We use very salesy language and match them with correspondingly hot video clips. Your target audiences will find the pretty engaging to the point.


Branding Video Production

This entails the customizing of your real estate videos to conform to certain standards. The aim of the branding is to create an emotional attachment or connection with the targeted audience. This, in turn, is to elicit loyalty which is crucial for long-term engagements. We have the capacity and experience to carry out this task as well.


Infographic Video about investment in the real estate business

Sometimes, you may want to break down complex numbers, figures, and statistics to the laymen. This requires the use of visual power, great background commentary and simplicity of language. The informatics does these very well. They are basically short videos that illustrate the aforementioned aspects of data. These illustrations are accompanied by sound and voices in the background.


Animated Videos

As the name suggests, whiteboard animations utilize the whiteboards for the sake of passing on crucial pieces of information. In this case, the messages to be conveyed are drawn on special boards that are white in color. This is synchronized with some voices in the backgrounds which act as the commentary of what goes on in the foreground. They come in handy while illustrating crucial points.



Our company has been in the production of videos for several years now. We have in the course of our operations acquired a great wealth of experience. This makes us better suited to carry out the highest quality of work possible.

Moreover, we are well-versed in all kinds of videos for real estate agencies. These include but are certainly not limited to 2D animations, 3D animations, promo videos, and whiteboards.

You, therefore, cannot afford to look elsewhere for your promotional real estate video services. Please access our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVDT6w3ZERUpzB5bqb41MVQ for a look at some of the videos we have created in the past.

Why don’t you consider approaching us for your next real estate videos? Getting started with us is pretty simple. All that is required of you, our valued prospective client, is a visit to our official corporate website: https://comelite-studio.com/. You will find all the necessary guidance there. We look forward to assisting you soon!

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