What is an explainer video?

What is an explainer video?

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Are you considering investing in an explainer video this year? You know; the videos that explain your product or service in 60-90 seconds?

Explainer videos are a great way to engage potential customers and familiarize them with your business. The hard part is to get them right.

An explainer video is a short video clip with an average length of 1 minute used by

Companies to introduce themselves or products and service provided by the same. Explainer videos contain more visual content and a narrator voice explaining everything in the video.  This can be in the form of an explainer animated video.  Many people today prefer using animations when creating advertisement videos as they are cheaper and easy to manage.


Is it necessary for me to produce an explainer video?


This is a great question considering you want to advertise your business in the online market place, as well as attract more traffic to your site too.  The first reason why it is necessary to produce an explainer video is the fact that they are more engaging than mere articles.  Many people today would rather listen or watch a promotional video than read around a long article. In addition to this, explainer videos take a lot less time to pass a message than creating explainer or “how to” articles.


Producing an explainer video for your products or company has many other benefits too. For example, you get to pass your message as intended to the audience. This means you do not leave the audience with the jurisdiction to try to understand the message, as you have already done it for them. The message in these videos is straight forward and even a 10 year old kid can understand it.


You can also use an explainer video to promote your business too. This is because through the promo video produced, audiences have a clearer picture of what you do and have to offer. The videos give you a chance to display your services or products on screen. Most customers today only get to buy an item after they have seen its benefits, which can be displayed in the explainer video comfortably.  The audiences also get to see how the products look like, hence a way to avoid counterfeits.


To produce a highly efficient and quality explainer video, you may need to find an expert to do this for you. This is because these professionals understand qualities and aspects that should be kept in sync to deliver message to target audience. You can also produce your own explainer video for as long as you have the experience and tools required for the exercise.

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