Video Process

The 5 Production Stages

1. The Birth of an Idea

Describe your goals, dreams and ambitions and our team will generate ideas that will make them a reality. In the first stage of the video production process the most important thing is to set the course of action for the entire production and we do so by finding out who is your target audience, what do you want to achieve and what would you like to get from the video's viewers.

2. Preparing the Production

Preparation is the key to success, which is why carefully treading through the pre-production process is important for reaching the goals we set in the first stage. We write scripts, scout the locations, hire the professional film crews and organize auditions for skilled actors that will make your videos better.

3. Producing your Videos and Animations

All our efforts from the previous two stages will finally start to materialize during the video production stage. Whether on location or in a studio, our team will capture the footage that will reflect the values and ideas you wanted to embed in your video, during a day or days we dedicated to filming the material for your new video.

4. The Final Cut

The editing room is where the best shots are combined and pieced together into a compact visual product. The editing process can take time because it includes the creation of titles or other motion graphics elements and at times it can also happen that additional artwork is produced to make your video more complete.

5. Spreading the word about your videos

Creating a beautiful, skillfully crafted video nobody will ever see isn't in anyone's interest, which is the reason why we will help you reach new audiences and increase the pool of potential clients during this stage. The promotion of video content demands patience, and for that reason, our video production services include a 4-month video marketing plan that will help your videos as well as your company to achieve its goal and attract more customers.

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